How this site is built

Why this site looks like it was built in the early 90's

first published: 15/03/2023

No frameworks, no build tools, no nothing. Just HTML & CSS. I'm not even using any javascript    ಠ ▃ ಠ

But... why?

Because I've been a software engineer for quite some time now, and it's been so long since I built a site without any tooling that I wanted to do it again. I enjoy the simplicity of it, there's something nice about a site with so little going on. The only bit of flair I've added is the amazing System.css design system, which... come on, it's beautiful.

I think it's like reading a book, you never really read the same book twice. Of course you can literally read the same book twice, but you'll never read it the same way twice, because you will have changed as a person, your circumstances will have changed, the context you're reading the book in has changed. I think the same is true of building a website; you can build the same website twice, but you'll never build it the same way twice.

I know a lot more about the web than I did last time I tried something like this, so I think it will be a fun and instructive exercise for me to do, as well as giving me some much-needed nostalgia for early-90's websites :D